Safer Gambling Week 2022

17 - 23 October 

SG Week22 - New ID

Safer Gambling Week 2022 will shortly be with us and has a new look and feel, as well as a new website. The new design, launched in July, retains the principle key messages and light conversational tone:

Let's talk about...  safer gambling 

- Ask yourself... are you past your spending limit?
- Play smart... don't chase your losses
- Remember... friends and family are more important than gambling 
- Remember... gambling is not a way to make money
- Remember... its good to set yourself limits
- Remember ... its good to take a break

SG Week is an important event for bingo and the wider gambling sector:

- it allows us to further promote safer gambling messages to customers, with a single common voice
- it is an opportunity to remind all players of the information, support and help that is available 365, every year
- it provides an opportunity to highlight what the industry and partners quietly do everyday of the year


Supporting organisations can register with the Safer Gambling Week website for updates. If you have not received the SG Week Briefing a copy is available below:


The Briefing document gives a full overview of materials and activities.

Safer Gambling Week 2022 artworks for promotional and messaging materials, including posters, web banners, social media collateral, contact cards, leaflets and digital animations, are available, FREE of charge, for all participants and can be downloaded from the Drop Box Link below:

SG Week 22 Materials

The Drop Box contains four top level folders: BRAND MATERIALS, GB, IRELAND and TRANSLATIONS. Most Association members will only need materials from the BRAND MATERIALS and GB folders.

Please Note:
Animated SG Week 22 material for use on machine top-boxes is also available from the following suppliers:
Light and Wonder (Scientific Gaming)
Inspired Gaming 
Reflex Gaming
Blueprint Operations

SGWeek22 social media accounts are active on TwitterFacebook and Instagram #SGWeek22

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