Mind Alive No 5 - says The Sun newspaper


Playing bingo or going to the pub with pals can help protect against dementia.

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In an article published earlier this month in The Sun newspaper, Health Editor Nick McDermott extolled the benefits of social activities such as bingo and going to the pub with pals in the fight against dementia, as revealed by latest research.

A study followed more than 10,000 middle-aged Brits over three decades to assess how socialising affected their risk of the brain-wasting disease. it found 60 year olds who saw friends or family daily were 12 per cent less likely to develop dementia compared to loners.

It suggests social activities such as going to the pub or having a natter over coffee - particularly with friends - could help slash the risk fo the disease. Experts think regular catch-ups help to engage the mind and build up extra power known as "cognitive reserve."

Lead researcher Dr Andrew Sommerlad, from University College London, said: “We’ve found that social contact, in middle age and late life, appears to lower the risk of dementia."

You can read the full article HERE 

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